Our Parks

HelloParks Alsónémedi
Location Budapest South
Park size: 13 hectares
Available area: 60.000 m2
Nearby motorways: M0, M5
Development potential: 60.000 m2

HelloParks Alsónémedi, located on a 135,000 sqm area, is our latest real estate investment. The site is situated in Budapest’s southern part, near the junction of the M0 and M5 motorways and the BILK container terminal.

HelloParks Fót
Location Budapest North
Park size: 76 hectares
Available area: 53.500 m2
Nearby motorways: M0, M3
Completed developments: 3
Development potential: 265.000 m2

Our Fót megapark is situated on a 76-hectare site near North of Budapest. Located next to the junction of the M0 and M3 motorways, this land plot has already seen the completion of three sustainable industrial warehouses that can be managed through a mobile application.

HelloParks Maglód
Location Budapest East
Park size: 46 hectares
Available area: 24.500 m2
Nearby motorways: M0, M4
Completed developments: 2
Development potential: 215.000 m2

Our megapark, spanning 46 hectares, is in the industrial zone of Budapest’s eastern agglomeration near the M0, M4 and M5 motorways and the Ferenc Liszt International Airport. We have already completed two energy-efficient and sustainable buildings in this area.

HelloParks Páty
Location Budapest West
Park size: 108 hectares
Available area: 45.000 m2
Nearby motorways: M0, M1
Completed developments: 1
Development potential: 392.000 m2

Our largest industrial park lies across 108 hectares in Budapest’s western part. Located along the M1 motorway and just a few kilometres away from the M0 and M7 motorway junction, this megapark offers excellent accessibility to local, national, and international transportation. The first completed building in the park is also the largest contiguous modern industrial warehouse in the Budapest metropolitan area.