Our clients are not just tenants but partners. This means that, regardless of their business size, everyone receives 100% attention and high-level service from us, which our experienced Property Management and Facility Management teams take care of. From the moment a business partners with us, we support making the best decisions so that operations run smoothly, safely, and cost-effectively. Our proprietary, in-house-developed mobile application also contributes to this, as it connects to our warehouses’ intelligent building automation and monitoring system, giving our partners complete control over the rented areas.

Activities in our parks

Logistics activities
  • Design, procurement, and installation of storage systems.
  • Installation of additional industrial gates.
  • Installation of rack-intermediate sprinklers.
  • Integration of narrow-aisle rack systems into base buildings with lighting system adaptation.
  • High-quality flat-floor industrial flooring.
  • Design of forklift charging stations with proper ventilation.
  • Installation of electrical feeds for operational workstations.
E-commerce and package delivery activities
  • Procurement and installation of additional industrial (docking or drive-in) gates.
  • Procurement and installation of mobile ramps and fingers.
  • Integrating standard and narrow-aisle rack systems into the base building, with lighting system adaptation (allowing for automated warehousing).
  • If necessary, design of rack-to-rack sprinkler systems.
  • Building management system tailored to technology, IoT technology.
  • Design of forklift charging stations with proper ventilation.
  • Installation of electrical connections for operational workstations and optional lighting modifications.
  • Installation of electrical connections and suitable flooring for sorting and packaging machinery.
  • Separation of operationally distinct areas.
Refrigerated, deep-freeze, and temperature-controlled areas
  • Creation of box-in-box systems for deep-freeze warehouses with complete industrial technology.
  • Establishment and certification of areas compliant with food and pharmaceutical industry standards (e.g. HACCP, GMP, or ISO9000).
  • Temperature and humidity control.
  • Design of refrigerated and deep-freeze dock doors.
  • Building management system tailored to technology, IoT technology.
  • Installation of special resin floor coverings.
Light industrial manufacturing and assembly activities
  • Design of overhead crane.
  • Installation of additional fire extinguishing and alarm systems tailored to activity and technology needs.
  • Temperature control.
  • Installation of compressed air systems.
  • Ensuring redundant electrical supply.
  • Fireproof separations; the creation of separate fire compartments.
  • Design of special resin floor coverings.
  • Possibility to install special production lines, even with extra foundation.
  • Implementation of technology extraction and infusion.
  • Building management system tailored to technology, IoT technology.
  • Integration of various technologies into standard buildings.
  • Provision of additional utilities capacity and installation of technological main and sub-distribution boards.
Hazardous material storage solutions
  • Creation of explosion-proof areas.
  • Design of special fire extinguishing and alarm systems tailored to activity and technology needs.
  • Installation of damage control systems (firewater retention barriers, gates, special industrial floor coatings) for preventing water leakage and ensuring anti-static and/or spark-free use.
  • Installation of gas detection systems.
  • Creation of cracking-opening surfaces.
  • Installation of industrial air handling systems in ATEX certification.
  • Building management system tailored to technology, IoT technology.
  • Installation of modular (container) hazardous material storage units.
Realised special, non-standard logistics lessee activities
  • Production of plastic parts with high-performance injection moulding equipment. Installation of a 20-tonne capacity overhead crane and electrical infrastructure serving the technology and compressed air technology.
  • An industrial crate washing equipment operates in one of our leases, requiring a natural gas supply for heating and a graywater drainage system integrated into the industrial floor.
  • A package sorting machine operates on the premises of one of our partners engaged in package shipping, requiring additional electrical capacity and installation of lighting systems tailored to technology.
  • An automotive component assembly plant operates in several of our leases, applying various technologies mentioned above in numerous applications.

Tenant services

Property Management
HelloParks Assistant Application

With the mobil4 application, our tenants can adjust their leased spaces’ lighting, heating, and ventilation settings and view their current monthly consumption and meter readings.

BMS (Building Management System)

Every building in our portfolio operates a Building Management System (BMS), which supervises the warehouses’ electrical, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Parts of this system are accessible to tenants through the HelloParks Assistant smart mobile application.

Tenant Document Repository

An online document repository is available to our tenants on the website, where they can access documents related to their leases. Login Button

Public Transportation

Direct Volánbusz [national long-haul buses] public transportation supports the mobility of our tenants and their employees in Maglód.

Sustainable Transportation

We provide electric golf carts with tenant logos and unique designs to tenants with at least two leases in one of our parks, enabling them to travel sustainably between their spaces.

Invoice Management

We issue and send invoices following the lease agreements and utility reconciliations, and manage any outstanding balances or invoice disputes.

Preparation, Organization, and Support of Tenant Events

If a partner wishes to organse an event in their leased space, we provide suggestions to ensure the event proceeds safely from a technical and fire safety perspective. We are also available to assist in event preparation and organisation.

Technical Assessments and Owner Approvals

We offer professional support for technical modifications within a leased space that deviates from the standard building. These activities always require owner approval. We aim to provide tenants with maximum technical support to ensure uninterrupted operations and preserve the building and its systems.

Tenant Meetings – Regular Tenant-Landlord Meetings

We emphasise personal communication to work more smoothly with our partners. To this end, we hold regular tenant meetings.

Facility Management
Garden Maintenance

We maintain a green environment following BREEAM requirements. In addition to lawn mowing and continuous plant care, we provide for the surrounding wildlife by placing bird feeders and water troughs, creating areas for overwintering small animals, and establishing “bee pastures”.

Uninterrupted Operations

Through preventive maintenance, we ensure the uninterrupted work of our partners within the leased spaces.

Remote Monitoring

The building management system allows buildings to be remotely monitored by maintenance and park supervisory staff.

Automatic Entry

The automatic entry system eliminates long wait times when entering the buildings yet still registers all vehicles.

High-Speed Internet

In many of our parks, an optical internet network is available, providing high-speed connectivity with high availability.

Continuous Supervision

We ensure security through 24-hour park supervision and regular fire safety and occupational safety inspections.

Tenant Training

We regularly hold workshops for new and existing tenants on using various building systems, enabling them to use their leased spaces more efficiently.

Exterior Area Cleaning

We continuously clean the areas surrounding the buildings to provide our partners with an elegant, high-quality environment.