As Hungary’s greenest industrial real estate developer, one of our primary objectives is to be pioneers in achieving the United Nations’ climate goals on our properties. With our ambitious targets, we aim to motivate and inspire the entire industry. In addition to environmental protection, we are committed to preserving the mental and emotional well-being of people interacting with our buildings, and we place particular emphasis on providing them with opportunities to maintain their physical health significantly. Furthermore, we support achieving various local community goals within our social responsibility framework.

ESG areas
We pay special attention to the sustainability of our activities to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Our approach includes:
  • Holistic planning
  • Reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Minimising embodied and operational carbon
  • Sustainable water management
  • Waste management and circular practices
  • Conservation and promotion of biodiversity

Our commitment to environmental protection is matched by our dedication to preserving the mental and emotional well-being of those who interact with our buildings. We place a particular emphasis on providing opportunities to maintain physical health. Additionally, as part of our social responsibility framework, we support local community goals to achieve a positive impact.

Cutting-edge sustainable megaparks
Healthy, equal, and accessible

We provide a healthy, human-centric, ergonomic, and green working environment for both the employees working in our parks and our own staff. This includes supporting sustainable transportation within our park areas and following the guidelines of the BREEAM certification system in its design.

Our Results
  • Our bicycle infrastructure within the park has safe bike lanes and covered storage areas. Cyclists are provided with changing rooms, lockable lockers, and showering facilities.
  • We install double electric charging stations for all our tenants.
  • Our new buildings are partially accessible and suitable for receiving people with visual and hearing impairments, those with mild mobility restrictions, the elderly, and families with young children. They can be entirely made accessible with minimal intervention, depending on tenant requirements.
  • We make public transportation accessible within our parks.
  • Pedestrians can safely and easily access the buildings in our parks without obstacles.
Our Goals
  • Expanding and extending the number of electric vehicle charging stations, including those for commercial vehicles.
  • Continuing to improve access to public transportation.
energia hatekony
Energy-efficient solutions

From the beginning, we choose the most advanced and energy-efficient solutions for our developments, preparing them for the green transition outlined in our objectives.

Our Results
  • Our completed buildings have a “BB” energy rating and operate with a 40-50 KWh consumption per sqm (for general storage functions).
  • Our office spaces can operate with zero primary energy consumption thanks to solar panels installed on the roof.
  • As part of the basic setup, a 430 KW capacity solar panel park is installed on the roofs of our industrial warehouses. These buildings are solar-ready, so the solar panel park can be expanded to cover the entire roof area, totalling an average capacity of 2.5 MW per building.
  • Our office blocks operate solely on electricity.
  • We employ a comprehensive measurement strategy, measuring all energy and water consumption precisely and providing detailed and traceable data recorded in our system.
  • While designing our building concept, we explored various passive and low-zero carbon technologies to find the most optimal current solution.
  • The lighting in our buildings is 100% LED.
  • Outdoor lighting is controlled by dusk sensors, timers, and motion detectors to increase energy efficiency.
  • The warehouse areas of our buildings are capable of night-time free cooling through the roof domes.
Our Goals
  • Achieving 100% renewable energy supply by 2028.
  • Further reducing energy consumption in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement.
  • Obtaining ISO 50001 certification.
Water Management

We strongly emphasise sustainable water management, aiming to reduce water consumption and reuse rainwater. We carefully treat rainwater before releasing it back into the environment and continuously strive to minimise the impact on the water balance of our parks and their surroundings.

Our Results
  • We install low-flush and low-flow-rate sanitary fixtures in the restrooms of our warehouses, which are nearly 60% more water-efficient than traditional solutions. With these fixtures, we can save millions of litres of invaluable water per year for each of our buildings.
  • Magnetic valves and presence sensors control the water supply in wet rooms, ensuring automatic water supply interruption when no one is in the room.
  • Sensors integrated into the BMS system constantly monitor the building’s water consumption and instantly alert us if consumption increases abnormally due to issues like leaks, allowing us to take immediate action.
  • As part of the basic setup, rainwater collected on the roofs of our buildings is used for irrigation, and the system is also suitable for flushing toilets and urinals.
Our Goals
  • Further increasing the amount of reused rainwater.
Circular economy

By implementing a circular economy approach, we significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the raw material requirements for our developments. Reducing embedded carbon is one of our most important objectives, and we have plans beyond our previous efforts.

Our Results
  • Material efficiency and sustainable procurement are our top priorities: When preparing essential design decisions, we conduct life cycle analyses that illustrate the consequences of carbon footprint.
  • Majorly used building materials, such as concrete structures, trapezoidal sheets, paving stones, sandwich panels, thermal and waterproofing insulation, windows, and embedded metallic piping systems—all come from responsible sources and have ISO 14001 or BES 6001 certifications.
  • Wooden or wood-based building materials used or incorporated during construction come from legal sources.
  • Following our Waste Management Strategy’s objectives, at least 85% of the construction waste generated during our projects must be recycled. We ensure proper sorting and send them to recycling facilities.
  • Our buildings are designed with flexibility to meet various purposes.
  • We operate an ISO 14001 system.
  • For subfloor layers, a minimum of 25% of the primary aggregate quantity used is sourced from recycled or secondary sources.
Our Goals
  • Minimising the amount of construction waste.
  • Assisting our tenants in waste management.
  • Increasing the amount of recycled materials in our building materials.

In our parks, we create a green environment that maximally supports local biodiversity and the formation of life communities.

Our Results
  • We only develop in areas not under the EU Taxonomy as areas with exclusion criteria or are protected or prohibited by other relevant EU regulations (such as Natura 2000, Ramsar sites, nationally significant “ex lege” protected nature reserves).
  • We prepare environmental impact studies and biodiversity action plans for the planned green areas, focusing on the promotion of biodiversity enhancement.
  • During our construction projects, we pay great attention to biodiversity protection, with expert supervision ensuring the protection of biodiversity, soil, surface water, and groundwater.
  • Our employees receive continuous training on the importance of biodiversity protection and promotion.
  • We increase the ecological value of our sites with biodiversity enhancement measures developed by professional ecologists, which include planting native, adaptive species, creating habitats for birds, mammals, and insects, and supporting pollinators.
Our Goals
  • Continuously reviewing and improving our applied solutions.
  • Expanding our existing measures to a broader environmental context.
  • Planting protected forests.
  • Supporting and protecting local communities of life.
Climate risk management and pollution prevention

In planning our industrial facilities, we consider climate change risks from the beginning and seek solutions for them. We continuously work towards preventing dust, noise, light, and environmental pollution throughout construction and operation.

Our Results
  • Our reservoirs and retention basins exceed the strictest regulations required by BREEAM. Their capacity is sufficient to absorb the sudden influx of large amounts of precipitation, which has become a risk due to climate change in recent times.
  • Potentially polluted rainwater is cleansed with oil separators before being released into the environment.
  • We only use low GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerants.
  • We use building materials with low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content in areas exposed to human use.
  • Acoustic modelling and sizing ensure that our developments’ operation and on-site vehicle traffic do not negatively impact residential and nearby noise-sensitive areas.
  • We have introduced a holistic planning approach in the development life cycle to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • We have developed a functional adaptation strategy to recognise and promote measures that align with future use changes during our buildings’ lifespan, including reuse and reconstruction measures.
Our Goals
  • Using even lower GWP refrigerants.
  • Minimising the risk of leaks.
  • Replacing dark radiative heating with renewable energy-based heating technologies.
  • Regularly reviewing adaptation strategies for continuous adaptability.
ESG results
HP AppPic 1 HP AppPic 2 HP AppPic 3
HelloParks Assistant app

Our proprietary mobile application allows users to adjust heating, ventilation, and lighting settings in their rental properties anywhere in the world. In addition to this, the software is connected to the smart building automation and management system of the warehouses. Users can monitor utility consumption, view technical data, create schedules, and verify if the system has turned all lights off.

First in the Country with BREEAM Certification

Our first building, HelloParks Maglód MG1, became the first industrial property in the country to achieve an Excellent rating in the BREEAM sustainability standard’s New Construction category.

Greenest Industrial Properties in Hungary

Our newly constructed warehouses are built to the strictest conditions of the BREEAM New Construction category and in line with the EU Taxonomy requirements, making us unique in the country.

Green Transportation within the Parks

Common areas are illuminated with smart-ready lamps, electric vehicle chargers have been installed in the parking lots, and tenants can use electric golf carts for transportation between warehouses.


HelloParks Maglód MG1 –
BREEAM New Construction Excellent

Social Responsibility
Responsible behaviour is not only an integral part of our operations but also our mindset. Therefore, this approach is significant in our real estate developments and how we  view the communities around our megaparks. It is natural for us to assist the communities where we are present with our developments. Accordingly, through direct contributions and support offered through various organizations — whether knowledge, resources, or other available assets — we support improving people’s quality of life and helping them achieve their community goals.
Those we have already helped
Igazgyöngy 1 Edit Webre4
For the good cause

We are always happy to help! This time, we donated a total of HUF 6 million to three organisations. We are supporting the vital cause of the “Kacifántos Gyerekeink Mosolyáért” Foundation, the “Igazgyöngy” Foundation and the “ZSÓFI - ReményVár” Association with HUF 2 million, respectively. Thank you for all your hard work!

HP Kreativ Adni 2024v2 EN Webre
Supporting Alsónémedi, Fót, Maglód and Páty

During the Christmas of 2023, once again, we extended our support to the communities where we're present. Among other things, we happily contributed to setting up a climbing castle in Alsónémedi, acquiring furniture and toys in Fót, organizing festive events in Maglód, and supporting kindergartens in Páty.

Fóti sportcsarnok
Fót Sports Hall - Supporting Youth Sports in Fót

We supported the realisation of the HelloTerasz near Fót Sports Hall, cultural and sports programs held here, sports activities of children attending the hall, and the PHOENIX-MT Fót basketball team.

3 - 2 családi nap
Maglód City - Support for Maglód Family Day

This is the second year we have supported the Family Day programs in Maglód.

3 - 3 streetball
Páty Village - Supporting the Construction of a Streetball Court

In collaboration with Páty’s local government, the Foundation for Páty Development, and the Páty Asset Management, we contributed to the establishment of a streetball court along Telki Road in Páty.

3 - 4 Páty ExperiDance
Páty Cultural Center, School, and Community Library - Support for Cultural Programme

We contributed to realising the performance “ExperiDance: The Girl With The Pearl’s Hair” in Templom tér.

Páty Ferenczy Museum Center - Restoration of Archaeological Finds and Conference Organization Support

During the groundwork in our Páty megapark, unique national treasures and Honfoglalás-era [the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathain basin] cauldron plates were discovered. We supported the appropriate excavation, examination, and specialised restoration of these findings and the organisation of related exhibitions and conferences.

Impulzus Leisure Sports and Cultural Association - Support for the Fóti-Futi Running Competition

This year, we supported the organisation of the Fóti-Futi running race in Fót.

3 - 7 pátyi suli alapítvány
Pátyi School Foundation - Supporting Students’ Studies at the István Bocskai Hungarian-German Bilingual Elementary School

We contributed to various initiatives, including assisting financially disadvantaged students, fostering students’ talents, procuring computer equipment, and implementing student competitions.