Hello at our place, a new stop on your career! We are a close-knit, creative, and genuinely teamwork-oriented crew. We work enthusiastically and cheerfully every day to achieve our goals. There are no forgotten birthdays with us, and we often end the week with a party on our rooftop terrace. Would you like to get to know us? Submit your application for our open positions today!

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Life at HelloParks

We Grow Together

We are youthful and flexible, always seeking innovative solutions. Our new colleagues can grow and shape the domestic industrial real estate market with us.

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We Share a Common Dream

We have long-term plans, aiming for both domestic and international expansion. Additionally, we aspire to play a pioneering role in achieving climate neutrality, motivating and inspiring the industry. Our team’s solid professional background comes from the Futureal Group, with decades of real estate development experience.

We Look to the Future

We are committed to continuous development. Therefore, we work with our developments’ latest sustainable and high-quality technical technologies, creating creative, forward-thinking buildings that provide value to our partners.

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We Are Flexible

We don’t have templates. Most of our open positions can be personalised, and our new colleagues can contribute to shaping the processes.

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We Love Pushing Boundaries

We believe in autonomy, proactivity, and unconventional approaches. If you recognise yourself in this description, you belong with us!

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We Are Team Players

It’s essential that our colleagues feel good. That’s why we often organise group activities—whether running together, celebrating birthdays, or having a party—ensuring a great atmosphere during and outside working hours.

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