HelloParks proudly sponsors Phoenix Sports Hall and the Fót Basketball Team



HelloParks is delighted to announce that we have become sponsors of the Phoenix Sports Hall in Fót and the Fót men’s basketball team in NB1/B red group, the secondary league of Hungary’s national basketball championship!

We aim to support and build strong relationships with the communities where we develop our projects. We are committed to supporting activities that bring the people of Fót closer together, with a strong emphasis on sports, particularly among the youth.

The Phoenix Sports Hall in Fót has hosted numerous events, providing opportunities for personal development, entertainment, and quality time for people of all ages. By sponsoring both the hall that has hosted proms, festivals, and various sports competitions, as well as the Phoenix-MT Fót basketball team, we are now contributing to raising awareness among the youth about the essential nature of sporting activities in Fót, such as rhythmic gymnastics, football, basketball, and handball.

Additionally, we have expanded the community spaces by partnering with the sports hall to create HelloTerasz. This space is perfect for cheering for the local sports teams and celebrating victories. It is also a popular meeting place for fans, parents, friends, and acquaintances on weekdays. The terrace will be open year-round, featuring music, concerts, gatherings, and match-watching. All are welcome to join us. Let’s go Fót!

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