HelloParks is building the largest modern industrial hall in Budapest’s agglomeration

2022.10.17. HelloParks is building the largest modern industrial hall in Budapest's agglomeration

The first column of HelloParks’s first 58,000 sqm warehouse (PT1) in its Páty megapark has been placed. The nearly EUR 70 million investment will be the largest contiguous warehouse in Budapest’s agglomeration. It is also the industrial real estate developer’s largest project to date. The Big Box type, energy efficient and environmentally friendly warehouse is expected to be handed over in the summer of 2023. In the meantime, the development of HelloParks Fót and HelloParks Maglód is proceeding at full speed, the company intends to hand over a new project in both megaparks this year.

HelloParks, a member of the Futureal Group, has started the development of one of the largest industrial centres on its 100-hectare land located in the vicinity of Budapest along the M1 highway, in Páty. According to plans, a modern warehouse and industrial infrastructure with a gross leasable area of 354,000 sqm will be realized in several phases in the HelloParks Páty megapark.

In the first, 58,000 sqm Big Box type hall the minimum leasable unit will be 3,500 sqm. The facility is developed in accordance with the sustainability requirement of the Outstanding certificate in BREEAM New Construction category. The fulfilment of the strictest sustainability criteria fits HelloParks’s ambitions and its ESG objectives to become a significant industry player in creating a carbon-neutral Europe.

As part of the implementation of the BREEAM New Construction Outstanding certification, the construction waste is sorted from the beginning of the development, and more than 85 percent of them is recycled. ISO 14001 certified materials are used during the construction. Once completed, the offices in the building will have zero primary energy consumption due to the solar panels installed on the roof and the heat pump cooling-heating system operating with renewable energy. Even the precipitation on the roof is utilized and collected separately for irrigation purposes. Globally, less than 3 percent of buildings receive the Outstanding rating, in Hungary only HelloParks develops industrial facility in this category.

The megapark will also be equipped with several smart, modern solutions. Through the HelloParks application available in all halls developed by the company, tenants can access the BMS system monitoring HelloParks warehouses including PT1. Tenants can also manage their energy consumption according to their needs. They can monitor their utility consumption, adjust heating, ventilation and lighting settings from anywhere by the mobile app. In addition, smart ready lights will be installed in common areas, and electric car chargers will be available in the parking lot.

“Thanks to the HelloParks Páty development, we will soon be able to serve the logistics and industrial sector with state-of-the-art buildings in three locations including Fót, Maglód and Páty. We are also delighted that we have been able to establish a very good relationship with the local government of those cities and that we also managed to actively get involved in local community life. In order to meet continuous market demands, our investments are proceeding at full capacity,” emphasised Rudolf Nemes, CEO of HelloParks.

The first two buildings of the Hungarian industrial property developer – HelloParks Maglód (MG1) and HelloParks Fót (FT1) – were fully leased within few months, and two more projects will be finished later this year. Preparations are currently underway for the second 45,000 sqm hall (MG3) at HelloParks Maglód, and it is expected to be handed over in the last quarter of 2022. On the 76-hectare area of HelloParks Fót the construction of the first City Flex type hall with 26,000 sqm (FT6) is underway. The first tenants will be able to move in at the end of the year.

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