Futureal-Cordia-HelloParks Group helps Ukrainian refugees



Futureal-Cordia-HelloParks Group helps Ukrainian refugees with hundreds of millions of Hungarian forints, housing, shelters and kindergarten.

We stand with Ukraine! Futureal-Cordia-HelloParks Group and its employees have made a number of commitments to help refugees from Ukraine.

1. Futureal-Cordia-HelloParks Group will donate 300 million Forints in addition to the amount raised by its employees to support humanitarian projects in three countries (Hungary, Poland, Romania).
2. The Group is identifying those own properties, that can be a suitable location for humanitarian activities. In line with this, in Poland – in Gdańsk, Wrocław and Warsaw – the transformation of buildings and the establishment of a temporary kindergarten and shelters for refugees has already begun.
3. Cordia offers its available furnished rental apartments in Budapest free of charge to refugee families in need. The company also call on Cordia’s customers to also provide housing for those affected and to support aid organisations working to address the crisis.
4. We are working with several humanitarian aid and medical organizations that help rescue people from Ukraine.

“We are following events in Ukraine with a heavy heart and with a deep sense of duty to help. I am very proud of everyone at Futureal-Cordia Group, as many of our colleagues have already taken in refugees and many are preparing to also actively participate in the programs and donations we are organizing,” said Gábor Futó, founder and co-owner of Futureal Group.

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